Calling All Matrics: A Career in Hairdressing through Dark and Lovely Academy

Calling all Matrics! If you would like to join an exciting, fashion-focused industry and learn a sustainable professional skill that can provide you with a rewarding career and open so many doors – choose hairdressing.

Qualified hairdressers are never out of a job and always in demand! As a hairdresser you can work for a top salon, or own your own business, or work overseas, or travel the world earning great money on cruise ships!

If you are creative, enjoy working with your hands, and are a fun, energetic people person then you will love hairdressing. Academy: +27 87 357 8686 Email: Salome at Slindiwe at The Dark and Lovely Academy in Johannesburg offers two choices perfect for school leavers. The Short Course in Hairdressing (6 months) and the Full Accreditation Course (3 years).

The Dark and Lovely Academy in Johannesburg offers two choices.

SHORT COURSE IN HAIRDRESSING – ideal if you would like to empower yourself with skills that will allow you to start working in a salon and continue learning as you go.

Duration: 6 Months: Monday to Thursday

This Services Seta-Accredited beginner course is for the student who has a powerful flair for hair, but does not understand theoretic applications to practical’s. We begin the journey from A-Z in edited form. This course will benefit a naturally creative person who needs to understand the science of hair and beauty. In this advanced class, we will now hone new skills and introduce you to modern hairstyles e.g. Fashionable short haircuts, bonding techniques, and high fashion bridal styling and colouring.

FULL ACCREDITATION COURSE – ideal for those who want to gain a top quality all-round education in hairdressing, that will allow you to become formally qualified on completion.

Duration: 3 Years

A full Accreditation course is for natural born creatives. This will take you from a beginner to an expert! You will be taught the A-Z of all hair technology; product, management courses, make up application, and everything in-between. This full accreditation course will enable you to work in a high-powered hairdressing salon.

Are you keen to find out more, and sign up now for a journey that will lead you to great career success, happiness in your work, and take you to places you never knew you could go?

Our friendly staff are waiting to tell you more!

Academy: +27 87 357 8686 Email: Salome at Slindiwe at

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