Wait-List for a Cruise Ship Contract and Supercharge Your Career Future

At present, cruise ships are anchored until the second wave has passed. But, with a coronavirus vaccine in the wings, the industry is going to open up again soon – possibly early next year – and when it does, there will be huge demand from clients who have missed their cruise ship experience.

While our economy is still recovering, working aboard a cruise ship will allow you to earn extremely well. With all your living expenses paid for, you will make tax-free dollars, while enjoying travel to exotic destinations that will provide memories you’ll treasure all your life.

Even more importantly, a cruise ship contract will superpower your skills, taking your abilities and speed to the next level. You will be operating as a higher-powered stylist when you return to land (or you could choose to continue with another contract, of course, as many stylists do!) Back on land you will have a nest-egg of savings to give you a fresh start, and you will be able to choose your career path, whether it’s opening your own salon or working for the top salon you’ve always dreamed of.

The London Wellness Academy consultants in South Africa would love to answer any questions you have about a contract at sea, and would love to do a formal interview with you so that you can be wait-listed for when the ships start sailing again.

With so many people going through change, this is the perfect chance to do something totally different – have an adventure, see the world, and recoup your earnings while enjoying your bucket-list of dreams.

If you would like to find out more, sign up now for your confidential interview HERE.

Alternatively, email Nadine Brits on nadineb@londonwellnessacademy.com and she will answer any questions you have.

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