Styles: Excentric Photo Collection 2022, Cape Town, SA

The past 2 years have changed everything.

We’ve had hard lockdowns. Borders open & borders closed. We’ve had home offices, alcohol bans, curfews, protocols and rules. And we came out the other side, changed.

There has been a shift from what was, to what is.

We’ve redefined who we are. How we work. How we look. And how we see the world. We’re finally able to show our true colours.

You could be you.

Because the norm is no longer just that. Have tattoos? Great. Show them off. Want to dress up by dressing down? We say go for it. Let your hair down.

With our UBU (You Be You) Collection, we wanted to capture the essence of the new norm. Your norm. The new way of doing things. And the magic we create, not only in hair, but in hearts & souls.

Photographer: Pete Maltbie

Designer/wardrobe: David Tlale @davidtlale

MUA: Andrea Erasmus @chameleonqueen_sa @chameleon_creatives_za

Salons: Excentric in Kloof, Excentric On Point

@excentriconpoint @excentriconkloof

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