SEB MAN Will Instantly Boost Your Client’s Confidence

A great haircut can successfully camouflage a man’s thinning hair; a great product can change his life! SEB MAN hair thickening products with instant results provide the confidence boost some men need to overcome the social effects of thinning hair.

Hassle-free SEB MAN hair thickening products with caffeine extract are like a power shot for men on the go. A quick cleanse with The Boss Thickening Shampoo will immediately leave your client’s hair feeling thicker than before. Follow that up with easy-to-use, leave-in tonic The Booster, and your client ‘s hair will feel even fuller – as if he has at least 6000 more hair strands! For busy men who prefer a 1-step option, there’s The Joker, a 3-in-1 hybrid texturising shampoo. It’s as hassle-free as you can get and delivers cleansed, thicker-feeling, fuller hair within seconds. Just like that, and he’s ready to go-go-go!

* based on scalp with 100 000 hairs

Take advantage of the growing trend in men’s hair care and place an order for your salon today. There’s always something on the boil to benefit your salon’s bottom line, like this year’s SEB MAN festive pack. It includes two full size products for any hair type PLUS free beard oil AND a dopp bag.

To stock SEB MAN products in your salon, or the festive packs, place your order with your Modern Hair & Beauty sales representative or call our Telesales on 0860 104 109.



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