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Making an Informed Decision about Vaccination – What you need to know

A Vaccinated Industry is a Safe, Sustainable and Successful Industry

Your family, community and business income are the most important things in your life right now for you to protect in the pandemic.

The best way to protect them is vaccination!

From preventing the Corona virus completely to lessening symptoms and transmission with breakthrough infections, there are several important reasons to get an mRNA booster ASAP.

“In general, a boosted person with a breakthrough COVID-19 infection will experience less intense symptoms, is sick for a shorter period of time, is less likely to be hospitalized, and is less likely to pass on the virus to others, even to those living in the same household, Beyrer says.”

Yes, you should get a Booster – Amy Lunday , Johns Hopkins University -11 Jan 2022

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I'm already fully vaccinated. Why do I need a booster?

1 • Natural immunity fades over time and is not as strong.

The first reason is that we now know that immunity even from full immunization does wane over time (like many vaccines already used with children and adults) and the booster dramatically increases the immune response more than 5 fold over two doses of mRNA vaccines or one dose of J&J.

2 • Breakthrough infections are shorter and milder

People who are boosted and have breakthrough infections have shorter periods of being infectious and that protects the other people around them as well. (And this reduces the potential for variant development.)

3 • Protecting your loved ones

And it's also important in households because it turns out that boosted people in households, they significantly lessen household transmission. …For example, if people have children under five at home who are not eligible for vaccines or if they have vulnerable seniors at home or somebody who is immunocompromised, boosting helps us reduce our risk of transmitting to others, so boosting really matters for that, too.

4 • Long covid risk and possible long-term disability with loss of household income

Long Covid has really lasting neurologic deficits, including chronic fatigue syndrome, memory issues, and brain fog. There are now hundreds of thousands of people suffering from this syndrome and we still don't know how to treat it.

5 • Lowering the risk of yet more variants developing – much worse ones than Omicron

The higher the numbers of fully vaccinated individuals in the whole population, the fewer the numbers of people that will get more severe forms of Covid-19 and be sick longer and allow time for mutations to develop in them and be transmitted to more unvaccinated people.

6 • With all of the above, a more stable and healthy workforce, and a recovering economy

Am I going to need to keep getting boosters?

It depends on a number of factors and certainly one of them is if there are more variants of concern emerge that we may need specific boosting for. This is the same situation we face with the flu virus every year and why we need an annual flu shot for the newest flu variant.

The faster we get the population fully vaccinated and boosted, the sooner we can return to a normal life!

Industry Vaccination: Safety, Sustainability and A Return to Normality

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