Bargaining Council Update: UASA / Employees’ Union Membership Fees 2022

UASA - THE UNION (UASA): MEMBERSHIP FEES 2022 - Annual Adjustment

Important information from the Bargaining Council for all salon owners with employees registered with UASA. Employers' relationships with their employees are critical to better business management, a more congenial and happy salon, and increased productivity and income for all.

Together, UASA, EOHCB and the Bargaining Council provide maximum communication, mediation and improved relationships between all parties, working together to improve the industry in South Africa and make the work of doing business easier and more proactive.

UASA - The Union and the EOHCB, (Employers' Organisation for Hairdressing, Cosmetology and Beauty), together constitute the parties to the HCSBC (Bargaining Council). UASA - The Union represents the Employees of all legal establishments in the Hair, Cosmetology, Beauty and Skincare Industry in South Africa.

The Union offers to its members:

• Collective bargaining

• Retrenchment consultations

• Discipline and Grievance

• Legal assistance

• Dispute handling

The Council has received notice of an adjustment to the UASA membership fees, which will be effective from February 2022. The membership fees for Active members will increase from R132.00 per month to R140.00 per month, and the fees for Golden Year members will increase from R108.00 to R115.00 per month. Please see attached.

This will be effective as of February 2022 pay month.

To contact the UASA directly for more information, kindly contact them at

011 472 3600 or Email:


For more information from the Bargaining Council, contact

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