Important Covid Protocol Update from EOHCB

Dear EOHCB Member & Industry,

The EOHCB on 18 September 2020 informed our members and the industry that certain restrictions as per the level 3 Personal Care Sector-Specific Protocols were to be relaxed as the country moved to level 1 of the risk adjustment strategy on 20 September 2020.

With the increase in the number of daily infections and a second infection wave becoming more and more evident, the EOHCB in consultation with the Department of Health wishes to inform its members and the industry that with immediate effect (20 November 2020), that the following protocols must be exercised within the Personal Care Sector until such time that the current protocols have been amended by Government. - Suspend the provision of all beverage and food amenities for customers - No unnecessary touching and no scalp, neck, shoulders, and arms massages at the basin

All Personal Care Sector Establishments and members of the public must adhere to all mandatory COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols within the working environment:

1. Social distancing of 1.5 meters (physical barriers where not possible or guaranteed)

2. Wearing a face mask at all times (Stylist/Therapist also to wear a visor/shield)

3. Hand sanitising

4. Symptom screening before entering the establishment

5. Contact tracing management and record-keeping

Please click HERE to access Personal Care Sector-Specific protocols which need to be adhered to.

Kind Regards.

The EOHCB Team

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