Vaccination South Africa – Why is it Important to You?

Guest post by Paul James Fox, written in support of the Industry Vaccination campaign.

As part of the Covid-awareness information discussion, we’ve asked for your thoughts and real life stories of what you’ve experienced with covid in your life or in the industry, and why the vaccine is so important to you in your life.

Paul Fox is a well-known stylist and salon owner of the Paul James Hairdressing salons in the South of Johannesburg. He has been a leader in the industry since 1997, and is currently the President of the EOHCB. He feels very positively about the South African vaccination programme and describes his journey.

“I chose to get vaccinated because I want to travel. I work to travel and it’s killing me not travelling, I’m missing friends and family abroad. I’m missing drinking beer on exotic islands.

Generally, most of my friends are going for the vaccination, though some of my colleagues aren’t and they are free to do as they wish. I believe we don’t know what’s going on inside our bodies and I don’t want to take the risk of getting Covid again and ending up in hospital or worse. If the vaccine builds my immunity more that’s what I need.

In my network, people seem more confident because of the vaccine. People are prepared to go out more, travel within our borders more. People are fed up being cooped up.

I went for the Pfizer injection. I had it done at the Germiston hospital. It took two hours to go through the process - much less than I expected! I had a slight headache but nothing more and felt confident, happy and relieved, I guess, that I had managed to be vaccinated.

My second was a brilliant experience and totally seamless. I attended Hatzolah Medical Rescue. I made an appointment and was seen on time with happy smiling faces. I was in and out in twenty-five minutes with a fifteen minute wait included to make sure I had no reaction. No pain, no discomfort and no headache. It was a breeze and I would recommend anyone to have a vaccination at this facility.

I feel as an industry we have been through a frikken tough time. We need to take this opportunity to promote vaccinations to our colleagues and guests to help ensure we are not closed again.

We have lost friends, guests and colleagues because of this effffing Covid. Please vaccinate for your own safety and the safety of the people around you.

I have managed to type this entire mail standing as I now have a tail so I can’t sit down. The unicorn bothers me a little but with the right sunglasses it works. In years gone past, I wouldn’t have wanted to be traced by Big Brother but life is quieter now.


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We’ve asked some of our top professionals in the industry to share their thoughts with us and each week we’ll be sharing their stories for you to enjoy. If you have a positive experience you’d like to share with us on the vaccine and the differences it’s made in your personal life or your salon and with your clients’ appreciation of their salon experiences, please send to Beth at, with a photo you’d like us to use!

Industry Vaccination: Safety, Sustainability and A Return to Normality

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