Tribute to Peggy Kane by Willie Pietersen

Peggy Kane - 13 January 1932 to 12 February 2021

I met Peggy during the early 1960’s.

She was an energetic go-getter and a progressive hairdresser with a passion for competitions. During the latter 1960’s and early 1970’s, with East Rand Hindering Club and Pretoria Hair Fashion Guild, we organized Interclub competitions. The original supporters included Hans Weintraud, Brian Lannon, Kevin Burton, Clinton Van Rooyen, Charles Farenhein, Dennis Randall, Gunter Steiner, Peter Mulbauer, Anthony Missenden, Andre Boshof, and many notable others.

Witwatersrand Master Hairdressers Association and the Pretoria Master Association also arranged Hairdressing Championships. These organizations eventually evolved into Employers’ Organization for Hairdressing, Cosmetology & Beauty (EOHCB).

Peggy was at the forefront of all the activities, with so much energy that nobody could keep up with her. She moved from competitor to judge and also had a passion for training young hairdresser in all aspects of competitive hairdressing.

Peggy had not only a passion for competitive hairdressing, but also for teaching. For many years she was a teacher at the Joubert Park Technical College. She was most probably the best loved teacher ever. Hundreds of prominent hairdressers can thank her for instilling the art and discipline in them and have successful careers because of her.

Peggy was a sought after trainer preparing young hairdressing students for their Trade Test.

We will miss her and remember her forever with fondness, respect and love.

Willie Pietersen

Salon owner

Past President EOHCB

Past Chairman Bargaining Council for Hairdressing and Beauty

Past Member of Service SETA Accounting Authority

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