Tangle Teezer Introduces Naturally Curly

Created with curls in mind, this detangling hairbrush is perfect for anyone with 3C to 4C hair types.

The longer, firmer teeth are kind to curls but tough on tangles and the short teeth help to reduce the level of frizz whilst keeping the curls defined.

Designed for use on wet hair, our innovative teeth technology can cut detangling time in half - so wash day just got way easier!

81% said it glided through their curls and coils

73% of women said it reduced detangling time by at least half or more

83% said it easily removes knots and tangles and is compatible with their hair type

This product has been specifically designed for those with naturally curly & coily hair. In curl pattern terms for 3C - 4C hair types. The long firm but flexible teeth effortlessly detangle, remove knots and help to reduce breakage.

HOT TIP: Keep this hairbrush away from heat!

How to Detangle
  1. Divide and section your wet hair (in the shower or after, you do you!)

  2. You can use with shampoos, conditioners or even masks and sprays.

  3. Start detangling at the ends of the hair and work your way up until you can easily brush from root to ends - it will take less time than you think!

  4. Brush with downward strokes, following the shape of the head until your hair is totally tangle free.

Tangle Teezer is proudly distributed by Haircair.

Contact Haircair on Tel: +27 21 448 8847

Email: info@haircair.co.za


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