Styles: Divine Feminine by Juliette Den Ouden, Netherlands

This collection is inspired by female empowerment because we are all empowered women.

The images were taken in Morocco and Mexico, and each shows a unique and distinct beauty, regardless of the imposed standards, hence the use of haircuts and textures that break the mold.

Juliette’s vision of beauty is unique and she stands for natural beauty and that everyone has his own beauty. Juliette Den Ouden and her team started a project “the work of contrast" to show this authenticity.

They opened also a foundation that raises funds for people with albinism in Tanzania because they are not save by witchcraft. In fact, the model with hyperpigmentation on her face participated in "The Work of Contrast" project.

Hair: Juliette den Ouden @juliettedenouden @jdo_salon @jdo_management

Photography: Michelle van Dijk @michellevdijk

Retouche: Zilla van den Born @work.byzilla

MUA: Juliette den Ouden @juliettedenouden

Styling: Fayola wekker @fayolawekker

Models: @thebabybabushka @newiconny @iamgeorgette @newiconmodels @808tilly @annievanrickley @newiconny

Products: Authentic beauty concept @authenticbeautyconcept

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