Sarah K - SA Introduces Fabulous Brazilian Straightener

Sarah K - SA is your new natural cosmetic partner in South Africa.

We’re introducing a series of incredible new ranges to South African salons and their clients. We care about our professionals and our clients, bringing direct to you our Brazilian high quality products, competitive prices and a complete hair care line that’s Formaldehyde Free.

We are revolutionising the professional cosmetics market with our ranges that are not only focused on health and environmental sustainability but on the specifics of and individuality of your clients’ hair needs.

Different hair has different needs

Our individualised product ranges are specially designed to produce the most incredibly shiny, smooth, lustrous hair, with targeted ingredient formulations to protect all different types of hair. Each range is developed with its own focused purpose for the different structures and demands of hair with different colours, textures and chemical treatment histories.

For Blondes

The Rio Treatment Line Straightens Safely and Gently

This progressive blue-purple Rio treatment is specially designed for the requirements of red or bleached hair, safely and gently creating a light-toned smooth, mirror finish.

Its formula contains the essential ingredients Tannin, Keratin and Aminoacids to keep the hair smooth for longer, ensuring hydration and nutrition and toning, all while reducing the yellow tones of the red tones. Formaldehyde-free formulas do not harm the hair. Instead, this bring lightness and a natural smoothness and luxuriance. The shine is incredibly glossy with a mirror finish like glass in your results.

See what Rio can do for your salon clients’ hair!

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For Dark Hair

The Carnival Treatment Line Creates Rich Smoothness

The Carnival treatment line contains the essential ingredients to keep hair straight for longer, ensuring continuous hydration and nourishment. This progressive treatment is formaldehyde-free leaving no damage to the hair and producing with fabulous naturally straight hair.

It’s formulated with Macadamia, Amino Acids, Lactic Acid and Collagen to carefully treat the strands during straightening. The Neutralizer rebuilds the strands after straightening and promotes shine and softness to the hair and is essential in the hair recovery process and pH balance after progressive straightening.

The Carnival and Rio are Sarah K's big hits in Brazil and around the world. Formaldehyde-free formulas do not harm the hair, bring lightness and a natural smoothness.

And a Special Offer during May and June 2022 in South Africa to use when ordering!

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About Sarah K

Sarah K cares about the health of its professionals and clients Offering Formaldehyde Free Products.

We work with selected natural ingredients with perfection, to make the best products for you.

Not only do we care about the health of our professionals and clients –we also playing a key role in preserving the environment and concern for the sustainability of the planet.

Our packaging is thermoplastic that can be recycled, and we are proud to say that we are against animal cruelty and none of our products are tested on animals.

Sarah K Complies With All Health Regulations And Is Registered With Both Anvisa Brazil And Europe Cpnp.

Sarah K – in the World

Sarah K is always present at Cosmetic Advertising Trade Shows such as Cosmoprof Bologna, Las Vegas, Beauty World Dubai.

We also provide premium products to Salons in over 40 countries, such as: Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, United States, Canada, Italy, France, Portugal, Dubai, India, Jordan, Iraq, Libya, Iraq, Morocco, Torquay, Spain, Panamá, El Salvador, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Qatar, among others.

Contact Details: Sarah K - SA

Cell/WA: 062 044 6447




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