Royal Hairstyling Academy Jhb: Discounted African Hairdressing Courses in January 2022

Discount Specials for January 2022 Course Offerings

Do you need upskilling, competence certification or to prepare for your trade test? Would you like to just learn the basics to get started in the career of your choice in the African hair styling market?

Royal Hairstyles Training Academy & Salon in Johannesburg trains individuals in the latest hairdressing and beauty techniques, specialising on the African market. Our training programmes are available to individuals both with and without industry experience. Founded in 2012, our lecturers, moderators & assessors have over 60 years of experience in the industry & have been trained in the USA, Europe & South Africa.

We are running discount specials on 4 courses, up to 60% off. The specials run until the end of January and the courses start the last Monday in January.

Short Course - Relax, Cut and Style (5 days)

Normal Price: R5000 / 5 days (VAT inclusive).

Discounted Price: R250 / 5 Days (VAT inclusive).

Ideal for students who are looking to learn the basics of creating a hair style. We teach students hair analysis, relaxer application, basic cutting techniques and styling.

• • • • • • • • • • •

Short Course - Hair Braiding (15 Days)

Price: R4,500 / 15 days (VAT inclusive).

Discounted Price: R1750 / 15 days (VAT inclusive).

This is an entry-level hair braiding course. Over a 15 day course, students will learn how to do box braids, kinky twist, rope twist, Havana twist, Marley twist, cornrows, and Ghana braids. Competency certification on completion.

• • • • • • • • • • •

1 Month Hairdressing Skills Course

Normal Price: R3,000 (VAT inclusive).

Discounted Price: R2,500 (VAT inclusive).

A crash course teaching practical hairdressing skills. This programme is targeted at individuals with little to no experience in the hairdressing industry. The course is ideal for students who may not have the time and/or money for the full-time course, but would like to obtain basic hairdressing skills. Competency certification on completion.

• • • • • • • • • • •

Free Trade Test Prep Course

Price: FREE - for stylists with at least 4 years experience.

For hairstylists that are eligible to take the trade test under SSETA’s ARPL Programme, we offer a preparatory course. We offer two courses: a five hour per day, eight-day intensive course OR a five hour per day, four-day course, depending on the student’s needs and how advanced the student is.

This course is ideal for those hairdressers who have not been formally trained on the techniques necessary to achieve success. They may have all the skills to be qualified stylists, but may not be accustomed to the formal terminology and methodology used during the exam. The course teaches all of the key techniques examined on the trade test, preparing these hairdressers for successful qualification.

SETA (Sector Education Training Authority) Accredited

SAQA (South African Qualification Authority) Aligned

NQF (National Qualification Framework) Aligne

Royal Hairstyles Training Academy & Salon

3rd Floor, Works @ Main, 195 Main St, Johannesburg 2001

Tel: +27 11 334 2806

Whatsapp: +27 84 228 4318


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