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The Milkshake Commitment: Sustainable Beauty - Always Putting Nature First

Your clients need the best, most natural products to highlight their own inner, healthful beauty – all with the reassurance so many seek for a sustainable, eco-friendly and Earth-protective ethos behind every aspect of our milkshake ranges.

From start to finish, we are committed to quality, safety and creating healthy, luxuriant, guilt-free results, using organic ingredients of natural origin without compromising the quality of the formulas or the fabulous results for your clients. Our active ingredients include all natural, all organic milk and yogurt proteins and fruit extracts, with a full range of formulas developed using essential amino acids and derivatives all drawn from nature for the most healthy, protective and richness of beauty in hair.


our products are food for hair

plastic-free formulas

packed with goodies to nourish, revive and repair hair structure

We are committed to using the best ingredients of natural origin, and wherever possible, sulfate, paraben and salt-free formulas. Your clients’ safety is our priority and we strive to find the right balance to guarantee a safe and pleasant user experience. All our products are made according to EU regulation (EC) 1223/2009 on cosmetic products, one of the strictest regulation systems worldwide. concept™ does not carry out or commission animal testing.





We believe that a brand’s quality should be measurable. That’s why we have opted to be ISO 9001:2015 certified since 2018, so we can closely monitor and adjust our processes, reducing wastage and maintaining the highest level of service and customer satisfaction.


less is more

protect planet earth

guilt-free beauty

All our packaging is easily recycled or repurposed, with focus on sourcing from permanently available resources that can be recycled forever. Any paper used for our packaging is made from responsibly managed sources and is recyclable.


supporting salons sustainably

eco-friendly merchandising

protecting forests

Our commitment extends to all our salons, helping them operate in the most sustainable and eco-friendly way, opting for beautiful, durable, longlasting wooden and metal furnishing items. Our salons’ goal is to create a safe, Earth-friendly sanctuary for their clients.


green energy

zero impact

carbon offset

Our ethos carries through right to the top of our company.

Every day we choose to use 100% certified sustainable energy from renewable resources for our headquarters, such as hydraulic, solar, wind, and geothermal energy, encouraging homeworking for our employees, using low emissions vehicles, reducing our environmental impact on our planet.

Even printed paper consumption is 100% converted to trees using the PrintReleaf Standard, promoting environmental and ecological restoration with sustainable forests managed with the strictest sustainability guidelines.


Natural Beauty Without Compromise

Our commitment is to use organic ingredients of natural origin wherever possible without compromising the quality of the formulas or the results.

Each active ingredient is selected for its specific action and lasting effect, for weightless hair with maximum vitality and shine.

milk_shake’s Haircare Product Menu Features a Solution for Every Need:

milk_shake® products make the most of the benefits of nature to offer dedicated solutions for all hair types with ingredients of natural origin to enhance the hair’s natural beauty.

Each product created with a formula designed and perfected to treat your clients’ specific needs, each range tailored and bespoke.


colour care

silver shine

moisture plus


leave in treatments

milk_shake Colour


The new generation of milk_shake® formulas give a natural, creative, radiant and healthy result and a unique sensorial hair colouring experience for beautiful, healthy hair.

The purity and strength of nature is expressed through delicate hair colour with a conditioning cosmetic base and active ingredients that respect the hair, conditioning the shaft and protecting the scalp and hair during the professional colouring treatment, for visibly radiant, glossy, soft and manageable hair with intense, long-lasting colour.

milk_shake Menu Of Colour

permanent & semi_permanent colours - colour filled with nature for beautiful hair

Innovative and delicate formulas for intense and radiant colour that respects the hair.

direct colour & exclusive colour services - colour and shine in delicate and versatile formulas and treatments

Creative chromatic effects for shiny and radiant hair colour tones.

colour specifics -essential products for the maximum expression of colour

Beautiful results are achieved with little adjustments.

9 minute



the gloss colour

hair cocktails

colour sorbet

colour whipped cream

Click the link below to see our catalogue for our full ranges to create the looks your clients will love, hair with natural, guilt-free health and radiance!

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milk_shake natural beauty

Be inspired by nature

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