Massive Demand for SA Stylists On Board: Train in July, Board a Cruise Ship by August!

With cruise ships sailing again, and the training courses for onboard hairstylists now available in South Africa, working on board and sailing the world is no longer just a dream, but can become your real life adventure!

The first training course in South Africa is scheduled for July - if you attend this class, you could be working on a luxury onboard spa and travelling to exotic destinations, by August.

Here are some questions and answers to help you learn more about life on board, what the training involves, and what will happen once you sign up for an onboard contract!

Q: Do you need to be a qualified hairdresser to attend the training and sign up for a contract?

A: Yes. The two week training course that you will complete before your contract is designed for qualified hairdressers. It polishes the skills you will need on board, includes training in additional services, and familiarises you with the top quality products used on board. This means you will be perfectly prepared, confident, and ready to make a success of your contract on board.

Q: How long is an onboard contract?

A: It is nine months in duration. Once you have completed a contract you can sign up for another if you enjoyed it, working on a different ship and seeing a new part of the world. Many hairdressers love the life so much they do three or more contracts.

Q: How easy is it to save money on board?

A: It is very easy to save. You are paid in dollars, tax free, and your board and food is free. You might spend a bit of money shopping during your days off, or having adventures when the ship is in port, but you will be able to save much more with no rent, food, electricity or other costs to worry about! Many hairdressers end up with a sizeable nestegg of money that can be used to achieve your dreams.

Q: What are the age limits for hairdressers working on board?

A: You need to be 18 years or older. There are no upper age limits and more mature, experienced hairdressers are very welcome and usually make a huge success of their contracts, and have the greatest fun on board! You will be assigned to a ship that suits you the best.

Q: Do you get time off and a chance to have fun?

A: Absolutely. You get one and a half days off a week, during which you can explore the fabulous cities and towns where the ship is docked, see the sights and have adventures. You can also enjoy many of the onboard activities that guests enjoy, at certain times - movies, restaurants, shows and more! And of course, there is the crew bar for socialising with your fellow workers.

Q: Is it important to be able to retail well?

A: Yes, you need to be confident about promoting yourself and every aspect of your business. This is what the training helps you achieve before you go on board. You will gain a massive amount of confidence retailing in a tax free environment where clients are keen to stock up with luxury products because they can buy them without paying tax!

Q: Does a cruise ship contract open doors?

A: Yes. You will be a far stronger, more capable and confident hairdresser at the end of your contract, and having this on your CV will open doors you have only dreamed of. Cruise ship hairdressers are sought after around the world as people know how skilled and capable they are! After your contract, or contracts, the world will be your oyster.

Does this sound like an exciting, life changing opportunity?

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