Learners Showcase Creativity at Westcliff School of Skills, Cape Town

By Glynn Kok, Educator: Westcliff School of Skills, Cape Town

Dear Industry, I am Glynn Kok, an educator at Westcliff School of Skills who facilitates our amazing learners' event with the assistance of my fellow colleagues from around the Western Cape.

Artscape Theater Center gave us a platform to exhibit our learners' hair designs in the main foyer for the first time in 2019. The exhibition drew great attention from the public and hairdressing industry. What a fabulous opportunity to be part of the school's arts festival. We were overjoyed this year when Artscape invited us to be part of the school's arts festival for 2021 again.

We decide on interesting themes for displaying such as Ladies & Gents cut and blow dry's, Avant-garde recycled to upcycled styles, Braiding, Hair by Night up styles and Bridal hair designs for our learners to execute. The work on display is judged by top professional hairdressers representing various sectors of the industry. We aspire to uplift and uphold the standard of school of skills in the Western Cape.

Here are a few of our learners' masterpieces.

Follow us for more on https://westcliffschool.co.za/ or contact us on 021 948 4877.

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