How To Create an Effective, Simple Hair Care Routine

Written by Mariska Treurnich, Field Education Manager for Modern Hair & Beauty ​

“I want to leave the world a more beautiful place through building and uplifting others, educating with purpose and cultivating love and appreciation. “ - Mariska

Mariska is the Field Education Manager for Modern Hair & Beauty. She’s passionate about God, in love with her family and dedicated to her job. Her mission is to spread light, Wella love, and good hair days.

Her desire is to make a positive impact: to live a life of integrity and empathy. Those who know her can vouch she always reaches out to people with a smile and friendly attitude and treats them with respect.

Her speciality is beautiful hair colours, mixing crazy formulations and styling hair.

It's almost "summertime, and the living is..." There's a song that suggests it's all easy, but perhaps in the time of COVID-19, it's not! So, let's take care of ourselves, ok? And let's encourage our clients to do the same.

So, what is a good place to start, you ask?

I'd say educate clients on how to create an effective, yet simple hair care routine.

Search the internet, and you'll find splashy articles telling clients how to get the most AMAZING hair. All of these suggest long routines and products from a local Dis-Chem or Clicks.

However, I believe (and I think you do too) in offering more sustainable advice. “Keep it simple, use professional products tailored to your hair type and needs, and follow the basic rules of good hair care.”

Let's look at how you can help your clients create their hair care routine.

How to plan an effective, yet simple hair care routine

Modern life is fast-paced, and time spent on any one thing is limited. So, the most effective and simple hair routine is one that is targeted and doesn't include a lot of steps.

Your clients hair routines depend on a few factors: the way the hair feels, how often it’s colour/chemically treated, and how it's styled.

Suggest professional products for their needs.

Suggest a product according to the hair's natural texture and type

Your clients need products that target their hair texture. In other words, ones formulated for fine, medium, or coarse hair. Next, suggest something according to their hair type - i.e. straight, wavy, or curly. Remember that each hair type has its pros and cons.

For example, straight hair usually looks and feels oilier far quicker than curly hair. It's due to the natural oils seeming down the hair shaft a lot faster.

Curly hair might take longer to get oily, but it tends to be frizzier, which can make it difficult to manage.

So, recommend professional products that target concerns specific to each hair type and texture.

Suggest a product for coloured or chemically treated (highlights/perm/straightening) hair

Suggest products specific to the treatment you've done on your client's hair. If a chemical treatment was applied, recommend products specifically for that. These products tend to nourish and repair the hair. Products like these are categorised according to the specific chemical treatment. Highlighted hair will benefit from moisture enriched and pigmented products.

In comparison, permed/straightened hair needs sulphate-free products that also hydrate. The Wella Professionals Fusion, Elements, and the INVIGO Nutri Enrich ranges are an absolute blessing.

Colour treated hair needs moisture and protection against colour fading. A range like INVIGO Color Brilliance is the go-to.

Suggest products that suit hairstyling habits

After all the factors above have been considered, ask clients how they style their hair. Answer these questions to determine which products to use:

"Do you straighten or curl – and how often?"

"Do you use a lot of heat or no heat at all?"

If heat is used daily, recommend a thermal protector like EIMI Thermal Image. It protects the hair at a temperature of 220C and lower, and adds a beautiful shine and a soft hold.

If clients aren't using heat, they can still benefit from a Sun and UV protectant spray such as the System Professional Solaris Helio Guard.

According to your specific concerns/conditions

Frizziness, a problematic scalp, dry, damaged hair and thinning all pose its challenges. Suggest products that mainly address these concerns. The NIOXIN range, for instance, is dedicated to targeting hair loss and hair thinning concerns.

An effective, simple hair care routine has only 5 steps

Step 1: Cleanse

Cleansing or shampooing needs to be a balance between removing things like dead skin and product residue, but without stripping the hair of its natural oils. That's why clients need high-quality products to ensure that their scalp is left cleansed and revitalised, but hair is still well cared for.

Wella Professionals have a beautiful selection of high-quality retail that will look after the condition of the hair, while thoroughly cleansing it.

Step 2: Condition

Conditioners carry so many great benefits and are generally the one product that can make a massive difference in the literal condition of your clients’ hair.

A conditioner's main advantage is moisturising the hair, but it also increases shine, reduces frizz, detangles, and repairs. It will also replace the moisture that shampoo removes and leaves hair silky smooth and soft.

Step 3: Masks/Treatments

Treatments and masks penetrate the hair, restore, and maintain its internal strength.

Suggest a hair treatment after every fifth shampoo. Treatments are infused with active ingredients that deeply replenish the hair and remedy any specific concerns.

Step 4: Detangle

Detangling is essential to stop breakage and makes life a whole lot easier. Clients still need to use the correct products and tools to ensure they aren't pulling their hair out by mistake. Firm favourites are nourishing leave-in conditioners like INDIGO Brilliance Miracle BB spray.

Step 5: Styling and heat defence

Thanks to the internet and the amazing products we have at our disposal clients can style their hair almost any way they want.

But if they're fans of heated tools, they'll need to protect those strands with a thermal protection spray. Styling aids help to achieve the look clients crave. Waxes, gels, hair sprays, serums and oils, all play a part in creating those million-dollar hair looks.

Have a look at our EIMI range for products that deliver unlimited creativity and stunningly styled looks.

Basic rules of good hair care to share with your clients

Rule 1: Trim hair regularly, every 6-8 weeks. It reduces breakage, split ends, and the hair will look healthy. Remind clients that hair still grows because it's not breaking off due to damaged ends!

Rule 2: Wash hair under lukewarm water. A hot shower is relaxing, but it dries hair out and speeds up colour fade.

Rule 3: Blonde or platinum-haired clients should alter between a silver shampoo and clarifying shampoo. It ensures that there's no violet pigment build-up. Too much colour pigment on the hair will make it look dull and dry instead of beautifully blonde and sassy!

Rule 4: Use a daily vitamin and eat all essential nutrients. Both hair and the body need this for optimal health. It's a 360 holistic approach; great hair starts from within.

Rule 5: Go natural where possible: In other words – lay of heat every so often and let hair air dry.

Rule 6: Keep hair out of a ponytail or tight headband to avoid any unnecessary pulling on the hair shaft and skip styling products when possible. Sometimes hair needs to chill a little bit.

Rule 7: Wear hats when you are outside and in the sun. The sun oxidises your hair and dries it out. A hat will protect both the scalp from burning and hair from dehydrating.

Phew! Long read!

Suggesting the correct products for your clients and communicating the value of the basics of hair care, will put them on the way to getting hair they’ve dreamed of. Just don’t forget to take care of yourself – which should always be your number one priority.

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