Reassure Your Clients That It's Safe to Visit Your Salon

Written by Carla Saraiva for Modern Hair & Beauty

About Carla Saraiva

“I get asked if you could do anything in the world what would you do? My response? I’m doing it! What’s more satisfying than making people look and feel beautiful. If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.”

Carla began her journey in the industry in 2008 when she studied hairdressing at Innovation Hair Company College in Durban. Her dream was always to work on the ships or to move overseas. Carla’s end-goal, however, was to work for a well-known hair brand.

She reached that goal when she started working at Modern Hair & Beauty/Wella as a Retail Business Consultant and Educator. Here she is a part of an extraordinary team that allows her to share her love for the hair industry and product knowledge with her clients.

Carla is very family orientated and not only shares an incredible bond with her sister (her go-to girl), she also became a mom in 2011 to her now 9-year old son. Her little guy shares her love of food, Netflix and sense of humour. It always amazes her how one little human can become your whole world: ground and humble you.

Life doesn't stop because of COVID and clients don't need to be afraid of coming to the salon if we're following correct protocols and safety measures.

Who would have thought that a simple outing would be so much work!

Going to the grocery store, exercising, or just doing our weekly trips to the hair salon has become quite the event: making sure we have our masks and sanitizer on hand.

I never thought that in my lifetime I would be part of something this big and scary. But we've come through the worst uncertainty of COVID – and life goes on.

We still need to live, work, and enjoy life. Life is short, and it's meant to be lived!

All we need to do is play our part and make sure that we follow all the safety measures and protocols in our salons and otherwise.

And as hairdressers, we already know and have been trained on salon safety. Long before COVID, we've made sure that our salons are safe spaces for clients.

But our clients aren't always aware of this and we should use every opportunity to tell them.

Remind your clients of safety measures & protocols

I've been in the hair industry for over ten years and I can honestly say before COVID salons have always been safe: we consistently have our hands in water, wear gloves, and keep our stations clean.

So, what's changed?

Admin and social distancing.

When I walk into a salon now, I can't hug my clients who have become like family. And standing at the door is someone ready to take my temperature and keep track of my visit on a sign-in sheet.

These things aside, we've made sure that our safety measures and protocols are more visible than they've ever been.

And we must communicate this to clients at the salon, when they book, and on social media.

Here are a few things to remind clients of:

1. All stylists are wearing masks and some even double up with a shield. We sanitise the station before clients sit down and when they leave.

2. We've ensured safe distance between each chair and hygiene necessities for each client: sanitisers at our stations, disposable capes, masks, and towels.

3. We sanitise before we open and after we close.

4. If you work in the fresh air now, remind clients that you're still following protocols.

Our industry was hard hit: salons closed, some lost their income or jobs

For an industry this hard hit, believe me, we aren't taking any chances and we don't want to go down that road again. That's why we make sure every protocol is in place.

So, remind your clients that it's far safer to have your hair done than stand in line to get into the grocery store for weekly specials.

Salons and stylists there are a few things you need to remember too

1. Keep following protocols and wear your mask. This will make your clients feel safe and at ease – and importantly, retuning for their weekly blow wave or two-week root touch up.

2. Show and talk to your client about the protocols, let them see you sanitising the station and your equipment.

3. Remind clients to keep their masks on when having a service done. If it's a struggle, offer them a stick-on mask. This is important for everyone's safety.

Remember this too shall pass. So, for now, let's do our part and keep on rocking awesome haircuts and colour.

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We're inspired when we witness stylists sharing ideas, skills, and a commitment to their craft. Even more so when these moments of collaboration produce renewed creativity and excitement.

It's precisely why our Modern Hair & Beauty Education team facilitate an environment where this is possible.

They inspire, challenge, and encourage stylists to try new techniques; to bring their creativity to the training room, and provide their clients with a service that goes beyond the standard salon offering.

Our team ensures that stylists are up to date with new trends, know the latest colouring and cutting techniques and have expert technical knowledge of our products.

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