Stericide: Gold Standard Steriliser for Salon Tools and Workstations

New on the market, this hospital quality steriliser was developed especially for a salon’s needs – the fabulous Stericide can be used on all tools, including clippers, safely and easily, for the highest levels of hygiene with total convenience and peace of mind.

Stericide dries instantly with no residue and a light, pleasant smell – no harsh chemical odours!

Now you can instantly sterilise combs, scissors, brushes, clippers, flat irons and work stations – giving your salon an important additional level of protection, while creating a safe and clean environment.

Remove all sticky residue from styling irons for a clean, dry, hygienic tool!

• Kills 99.9% of all viruses and bacteria on contact!

• Instant dry, no residue

• Can be used on anything, including clippers

• Fresh smell

• Hospital quality!

Ensure the safety of your salon, and keep your tools in optimal condition with this powerful yet non-damaging, instant-drying sterilizer. Order Stericide today!

Agents are also wanted to distribute this amazing product – please enquire below.

For more info or to place your order contact our friendly team standing by to assist!

Contact Details:

Email: Salon System Jhb: 011 477 4722

WhatsApp: 066 192 4606

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