Cruise Ship Update: Interview with Nadine Brits, Part 2

While cruise ships are anchored due to Covid-19, the industry is hard at work preparing for reopening as soon as it may safely occur. Recruitment manager Nadine Brits gives an update on the situation in part 2 of two part interview.

Q: What are the biggest benefits of doing a cruise ship contract and why should hair and beauty professionals join the waiting list now?

A: I think the biggest benefit to note is to keep in mind that we are from South Africa, and our staff earn in US Dollar when employed by us (wink-wink) Joining the waiting list now, will ensure them being next in line to go for training and onboard, as keeping in mind, once things do get started, we will need to first place those who were removed from ships mid their contracts, which are 100’s of staff. Then next would be those who completed training in Feb/March 2020 and could not join a ship due to the outbreak. Then those whom had training scheduled for the remaining months of the year. To be very transparent on this topic, and as I mention to all my applicants, if you have been found successful in an interview now during the pandemic, please expect to go into our company training in preparation for your ship within one year from interview time. There is a slim chance it may be sooner, but this would be the best timeline to work with for now, to prevent any disappointments.

Q: What has kept you the busiest during lockdown and what has your biggest challenge been over this time?

A: Lol, I would say, answering emails or facebook messages with the question:” When will cruise ships be back?” And we love this enthusiasm!

But on a more serious note, as a company and as a global team, we have been spending the entire lockdown trying to get staff home that were mid contract onboard cruise ships. This was an extremely hard task, with staff scattered all over the world, 100’s of them, different countries with different rules, some staff were not allowed off ships in certain ports, some could get off their ships, but was unable to fly home due to no flights available, some could hop on repatriation flights, and some were taken home by their cruise line company on various ships. There are still some staff stuck on ships, trying to get home. They are well looked after by our company in the meantime though. This has been a first for our company, as it has been for everyone. There was no manual for “how to deal with a pandemic”. So we have been giving it our best shot, trying our absolute best to accommodate all our staff. And continuing to do so.

We are extremely confident that cruise lines will be back, that is a given. But we need to accept that it will be a slow return, a careful return. Patience is indeed a virtue and we are here for it.

Q: Please tell us how you are doing your interviews in the meantime and what people can expect in an interview?

A: We are currently conducting zoom/skype interviews, and specifically for hairdressers they will need to submit a video of themselves completing certain services, to be sent to the recruitment manager to view, and to note level of practical skill. More information is provided to each candidate at application level. As always you can apply online at

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