Salon Products: Supporting Your Home Salon with Custom Orders and Retail Opportunities 24/7

With many salons making the move to a home environment, it’s important to make the most of the retail opportunities to your clients. Limited space might mean you are not able to stock, and display, as many products as you would like to. However, you now have the entire industry’s retail stock at your fingertips with Salon Products.

How to Use Salon Products Effectively in your Home Salon

During your consultation you will be able to see and feel exactly what your client needs on her hair. You can then recommend the exact products that will solve her problems, out of the wide range which includes almost every leading professional brand on the SA market! She can order through your salon code, so you receive the commission just as if the products were on your shelves.

The client will receive her products, reliably and hygienically couriered to her within a couple of days!

How Your Salon Can Serve a Wider Clientele

Our effective marketing tips allow you in turn to market to a wider clientele, make recommendations, and get more orders, which will allow you to have a regular income stream! Imagine doing an online consultation with a client who doesn’t even live in the same province but who will now become a loyal repeat retail client? It’s possible with Salon Products and we will educate you how.

Custom Ordering of Tints and Backbar

By ordering your tint and backbar products through the exclusive professional portal of Salon Products, you can stock up with exactly what you need – no minimum orders required, and your products will arrive in one fast, reliable delivery even if you order from different product houses. The most convenient and cost-effective way to keep supplied with what you need, when you need it.

All this for just R99 a month!

Keen to learn more about the benefits? Watch our video below.

Get in touch with us today and SIGN UP now to enjoy the many benefits of being part of the Salon Products family!

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