SA Beauty & Hair Distributors: For All Your Salon’s Hygiene Needs

To keep your salon a safe, compliant destination, SA Beauty & Hair Distributors is fully stocked with all your sanitizing and PPE consumables.

We offer great prices on:

Santizers: Instrument disinfectant, surface disinfectant, hand wash, skin disinfectant, alcohol spray 70%, disinfecting wipes

Disinfectants: Surgical spirits, Milton, alcohol 70%, Savlon

Hygiene Therapy: Hand sanitizer gel, spray, and spray and gel kit 70% alcohol.

Safety Visors

Infra-red Thermometers

Gloves: Vinyl, latex, nitrile packs of 100 in various sizes Cotton Wool

Disposable Body Products: Mop caps, plastic caps, face masks, body wrap sheets, disposable headbands, disposable spatulas in various sizes, salon capes, disposable aprons

Disposable Underwear: Men’s boxer shorts in packs of 10

Cotton wool products and medical towels: earbuds, rolls, discs, swabs, cotton pleats, medical towel roll, tissues, paper towel rolls

Please contact our friendly team if you would like a full price list on the above items.

Fast, friendly, professional personalised service and delivery guaranteed.

Contact SA Beauty Distributors -

Head office: 021 551 2904


Here’s to safe, enjoyable and productive services for you and your clients, with the help of our top quality, affordably priced products!

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