Styles: Australiana by Simon Lee

Recently Australia celebrated its 60th year of Intercoiffure Australia. To celebrate Perth, Western Australia became host of the Intercoiffure Gala at Crown Casino.

A very stunning opening presentation titled “Australiana” stole the show and mesmerised the packed audience designed by renowned artist Simone Lee.

Perhaps the first complete Aboriginal hair show of its kind to occur in Australia, “The theme was decided by Intercoiffure WA as all of the others were international Artistic teams” says June Wilde IC Gala Event Co Ordinator.

“The only person capable of presenting this was our very own Simone Lee of Tyler Reid Hair. Simone worked with 10 Aboriginal girls from the Global Roaming Pilbara Foundation (GRPF), mentoring them over many months, teaching them how to parade on stage, grooming and then of course crafted amazing hair designs and production”.

“It was a wonderful experience” said Simone Lee. “I engaged talented head wear designer Katrina Allen - Rock to assist my creative vision, who made head pieces from native Australian flowers that would suit the styling and coiffure. It was very important to me that the entire experience for the girls involved was authentic, confidence building and inspiring. My career has been heavily science focused for the past two years in the field of Trichology. It was really nice to test my creative abilities that have been in hiding after the trauma of loosing my mother to cancer two years ago. Ever better that something meaningful resurrected them”

Hair Designer: Simone Lee FB @simonelee Instagram @simone_lee_creative_ @tyler_reid_hair

Hair Assistant: Lorendana Davies

Hair Pieces: Katrina Allen - Rock

Photography: Elsa Jean @ Simone Lee Creative @simone_lee_creative_

Makeup Director: Simone Lee

Makeup Artists: Dana Hill, Melanie Scrafton

Styling: Catherine Birch, Fiona White Hartig

Fashion: Gidja Monroe by Kimberley Slattery, Red Opium by Sandra Rives

Talent – from the Global Roaming Pilbara Foundation: Taleesha Mitchell, Madison Churnside, Dakota Hartig, Marion Davies, Tamara Davies, Ella Higgins, Danielle Gibb, Larissa Cox

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