Welcome To The Normal*

CEO of JEAUVAL Hair Salons

In These Interesting Times Hearing All The Negativity About What Will Become of The World & Our Beloved Hairdressing Industry After The Lockdown.

The Propaganda Indoctrinated Fear Of The Unknown In The So Called “New Normal”

Why Should We Fear Change?

Change Should Be Embraced Positively As A NORMAL !!!

This Is My Story / Recipe.

Its A Reflection Of My Normal As A Professional HAIRSTYLIST Before, During & After Lockdown

*My Simple Recipe*

*For The Normal *


God Given Talent

Faith & Trust In God

Positive Attitude

Attitude Of Giving & Serving

Love For People

Passion For Quality

Passion For Knowledge

Kindness in Human Touch

Unbiased Ears For Listening

Truthful & Honest Mouth & Eyes


Combine All Ingredients Responsibly,

Keeping Them Fresh

With Vast Amounts Of Gratitude, Appreciation & Knowledge.

Mix Lovingly,Kindly,Willfully & Hygienically With The Privilege Of Human Touch.

Seeing,Hearing & Speaking The Truth & Honesty

Serve Fresh Daily

With Pride, Passion & Self Belief!!!

Keep The Recipe Free Of

Judgmental Negativity & Gossip As They Are The Spoils In Your Recipes Journey Of Fulfillment & Success

Follow These Simple Steps,

They Will Feed & Sustain You For A Lifetime Of Joy & Wisdom As A Professional Hairstylist.


Repeat Daily!!!

With The Highest Standards of Quality & Service

Only If You Have The Ingredients?

Without These Key Ingredients

Change Your Journey Find A New Career Path & Recipe.

This Is & Will Always Be


The So Called


“Social Distancing & Personal Protective Equipment”

Is Only A Tempory “Trend”

PPE’s are Only “ADD ONS”

Or As I Like To Call Them “ACCESSORIES”


“The Hairdressing & Fashion Industry Thrive & Depend On CHANGE”

Nothing New Here!!!

Without Change We Stagnate

If You Stagnate You Die As A Professional.

“*Welcome To The Normal*”

“*With Accessories*”

Clinton Valjeaux

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