Urgent Industry Alert: Comments Needed Today for Hairdressing to Open Earlier

Dear Industry

There is a very short window of opportunity for you to have your say on the proposed lockdown levels, where hairdressing currently falls under level 1 and will therefore be among the last to reopen. Everyone who is affected by this may have your say!

Please carefully follow the step by step process below TODAY (Monday) in order to submit your comments for government to consider.

1. Address an email to lockdowncomments@cogta.gov.za 2. Title your email: Comments on Clause P: Request for Hairdressing to be Included in Level 4 3. Write your comments in a Word document and attach it to the email. 4. State your name and your role in the industry, and request that hairdressing salons be allowed to open at an earlier stage than Level 1 (where they are mentioned in Clause P5). 5. Provide your own personal reasons why you feel hairdressing salons should be allowed to open in Level 4 and how this can be safely done. 6. Send the email asap today, Monday 27 April.

Below is the link to the original pdf where the lockdown levels are listed for your info.


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