Students Awarded Learnerships at Dark and Lovely Academy

A proud achievement for the Dark and Lovely Academy – this state-of-the-art learning institution has been awarded 46 full learnerships from Services Seta, which will allow students to complete a full length hairdressing qualification course, while also receiving a monthly stipend.

Academy principal Mimmi Biggar explains: “It took a lot of effort and hard work for us to make this happen. We are delighted to have welcomed these 46 students into our academy, and hope to do this again in subsequent years. We are proud that Services Seta was impressed by the quality of our facilities, and our ability to accommodate these numbers of students comfortably while ensuring every student receives the very best education.”

The students are from all areas of Gauteng, from the Vaal right through to the East Rand, with some from the SOS Children’s Villages. They visit the Dark and Lovely Academy from Monday to Thursday each week. The training they receive at the Academy is comprehensive and includes all aspects of hairdressing as well as topics like money management to ensure they become well rounded professionals ready to excel in their careers.

Education Classes at Dark and Lovely Academy

“We have a huge diversity of learnership students who are fabulous and enthusiastic. We tested them for creativity and potential in this profession before accepting them to ensure that they would cope with the demands of hairdressing. Our objective is to make sure that we give them the best possible education so that our Dark and Lovely Academy, under the L’Oreal banner, is top of mind for salons who are looking to hire new hairstylists,” Mimmi explains.

The Dark and Lovely Academy in Johannesburg offers top quality education from dedicated and passionate instructors. As well as the full qualification course, there are shorter courses available to empower, educate and equip hairdressers to go forward in their career.

Contact the Dark and Lovely Academy for more information or to book a course.

Tel: 087 357 8686

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