Encourage your Clients to Connect

Social media can feel like an uphill battle at times, and getting more of those all-important likes is very hard work.

A good place to start is with your existing clients. After all, the average social media user is connected to hundreds of others on Facebook and Instagram, and a good few of those will be potential clients and in the same area. So if people like or comment on your salon’s post, the Facebook algorithm means that another 200 to 300 people will see it – and that’s before you start boosting posts.

This is great exposure for any business, but especially for hair salons where word of mouth is so important. So encourage your clients to engage – you can offer them incentives for liking, commenting, sharing content, posting a review, or best of all, posting an “after” selfie on their page with a mention of your salon. Hint: Having a special photo wall in your salon makes this look much more professional and gets your salon’s name out there!

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