Hairnews Careers: Education Mailer Ahead

Exciting news! In the course of this week, Hairnews will be publishing an Education Mailer that lists accredited, reputable training colleges all over South Africa where students can do full-length qualification courses in hairdressing.

The aim of this mailer is to promote hairdressing as a career and to create a resource for students and their parents that are considering the amazing world of hairdressing! The mailer will also assist people in making the right education choices and supporting those academies who have obtained proper accreditation.

We are very excited about this mailer which we will promote throughout 2020 – hairdressing is a viable, sustainable, technology-proof and rewarding career that is sought-after in terms of employment, and we feel it needs to be given serious consideration as an alternative to a university degree.

If there are any colleges that we have not yet contacted who would like to be featured at a nominal rate in this mailer, please contact or call / message 082 891 8537.

Look out for the Education Mailer – giving options for quality, accredited hairdressing education that will set learners up for success!

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