Business Tips: Create a Clean, Safe Salon Environment

Cleanliness, safety and comfort all go hand in hand, and contribute enormously to the impression that your client gets when they walk into your salon.

A client who feels uncomfortable because the salon is not clean or because they notice broken, fraying, aging or dirty equipment, will be less likely to come back, less likely to order additional services, and will be more unwilling to pay if you increase your prices and this may be the moment when they leave.

Here are some pointers to ensure that your hygiene stays tip top:

1. Look at your salon with fresh eyes or invite someone in who doesn’t see it every day. The truth is that you can get used to whatever is wrong with it, and your eyes will start to pass over problems that clients will notice and that will cause them discomfort. Always try to see your salon through a client’s perspective and notice the small details.

2. Floors should be kept clean at all times – sweeping, mopping and tidying should be done throughout the day.

3. A clean backwash area will allow a client to really relax when she is being washed.

4. Make sure that your chairs, capes, trolleys , mirrors, shelving and other equipment are not damaged, broken, cracked, or chipped. One chip should be a cause for concern and all damage should be fixed immediately.

5. Hygiene is a priority and ensure that your tools are disinfected correctly after every client and that this is visible to clients as it will offer them comfort. Brushes and combs should be kept sparkling clean. Any tool dropped on the floor should be immersed in sanitiser before it is used again.

6. Periodically, give the salon a really good spring clean where you wash windows, wash light fittings, scrub all surfaces, and get the salon as spotless and shiny as it can be.

7. Be aware of features like grouting which can start to look dirty and unhygienic as they age. Renewing these can give the salon a clean, fresh, hygienic look without needing to replace tiling or flooring.

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