Taking Care of Salon Staff Part 2: The Importance of Training

Training and development is an absolute essential in the salon business. A well trained team will provide a better service to your clients, which will improve your business, and will also create more job satisfaction as they can see you are giving them opportunities to better themselves and investing in them.

Every six months, or every year, sit down with your staff and ask them where they would like to focus during the year in terms of skills, and then research courses or seminars in your area that focus on those skills. When seminars, product launches, industry events and other opportunities to learn are on the calendar, make a plan for all your staff to attend even if you do less clients on that day. No client will complain about a better trained hairstylist!

Some salons will pay for all the training and events for their staff, but will sign a contract with their staff agreeing that their staff leave within two years of the training, the training amount that you paid, will be deducted from their final salary. This gives staff an incentive to stay and also helps them feel that the salon is investing in them, and gives you time to reap the rewards of that investment.

As the salon owner you need to lead by example, looking for opportunities to learn, and attending events along with your team. Remember that as the business leader they will see your attitude and this will influence their own. A positive excited attitude to training and a hunger for knowledge is something that all your hairstylists will learn from.

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