Special Offer: Salon-Relevant Marketing & Social Media Education

Hi, I’m Ursula Brett, a specialist in marketing, promos and social media for the hairdressing industry.

Today, social media offers precise audience targeting and it is still the best value for money advertising, when done correctly. It allows you to harness new business by reaching new clients with precision and then drawing them to their own business using the right techniques and ultimately conversion optimisation.

Salon owners and managers need a full, up to date understanding of this, whether they are doing their marketing themselves, or so that they know what to expect from whoever is doing this work for them.

Social media is a changing platform – there are always new innovations, updates, and changes to the way things work which represent new opportunities – being informed about these asap, allows you to benefit before your opposition can catch up!

We have created an ongoing training platform in the form of videos, downloads, podcasts, how-to's, tutorials, scenarios, etc. This is available in the form of a subscription membership for a low monthly fee. All you need to do is sign-up once. The site will take you on a journey from beginners to the more advanced users.

This allows you to gain maximum benefits for your salon, at an affordable rate, in your own time!

Content includes promotion ideas, how to create your own artwork, where to find free images, how to take your own salon/client pics and more....

Learn in your own time and reap the rewards every month with amazing new ideas to use in your marketing campaigns! This education will allow you to get the results you are looking for:

• More effective campaigns

• More clients in your salon

• More effective promotions

• More powerful marketing tools and visuals

We are offering a special offer for the first month at only R97, if you sign up before 27 July. Thereafter the monthly rate will be R197.

We are confident you will reap the rewards many times over! Sign up now and invest in the future of your business, today!

To sign up, email ursulabrett@gmail.com or info@saloncentral.co.za or go direct to www.saloncentral.co.za

Or call/whatsapp 076 856 4227

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