Ideas to Improve Your Salon’s Look and Feel

Focus on Flow – no matter whether your salon is small or large, it must have a pleasing flow so that the client journey feels peaceful and relaxing. Ensure there is enough space for each of the areas, and between styling stations. Storage space is essential, and perfect lighting also adds to the feel.

Promote your Brand – it’s important that clients associate their enjoyable experience with your salon’s name, so make sure that your branding is visible, whether it’s brightly done or very subtle.

Pic: Subtle but noticeable branding at Plaits, Durbanville

Decorate to your Theme – a sleek, luxury salon will have a different feel from a bright, vibey one. Even within your salon, areas such as a barbering nook can have their own identity and theme, but ensure that everything works together and that the theme is clear and strong, rather than being muddled.

Accessories Count – from vases to displays, from wall art to ornaments – everything you include in your salon will add to its ambience and also gives clients a hint of the owner’s personality!

Pic: Wall art at Kymric Hall Salon, Franschhoek

Keep It Clean – not only hygienic but also uncluttered. Clutter is tiring to work in, and it raises questions about hygiene. Ensure you have adequate storage space for things to be put away.

Invest in Decor – salons are high traffic areas and cheap can be expensive if it wears out quickly. Ensure that you choose decor that is of a quality to go the distance and that will allow you to get a return on your investment without causing problems and needing to be replaced too soon.

Pic: Quality barber chair at Groomed Men Salon & Academy, Somerset West

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