EOHCB Competition Tips 3: Learn and Grow

Entering competitions is not just about winning – it’s an incredible learning experience that enables you to grow as a hairstylist, becoming more proficient and experienced in your craft. Some people are fortunate enough to be in the prizes first time out, but for others, the learning experience will take you huge strides ahead in your career and your journey to success will make you a stronger hairdresser. And you will get there even if it takes you a few tries. Persistence pays off!

Ensure you stay up to date with the latest trends, and that you concentrate on finishing your work perfectly. Take lots of photos so you can see afterwards what you did right or where you might have gone wrong. And also take some time to see the winning looks – you don’t want to copy, but you do want to see what they did, that you might have forgotten or not thought about. Were they more on trend? Better finished? Was the look more balanced? Being able to assess your own work and the work of others, will allow you to take another step towards greater success as a hairdresser and competitor!

Keen to enter?

Here are the competition dates, and all info you need:

Dates and Venues: FS - 14 July 2019 - Showgrounds Click for more info & forms KZN - 21 July 2019 - Hilton Hotel Click for more info & forms EC - 4 August 2019 – Tramway Click for more info & forms WC - 18 August 2019 - Schotsche Kloof Civic Centre, Yusuf Drive, Bo-Kaap, Cape Town Click for more info & forms Gauteng - 1 & 2 September 2019 - Gallagher Estate Click for more info & forms

Contact EOHCB on any of the numbers provided HERE and like their Facebook page HERE

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