Trevor Sorbie Marble Collection & How-To by Ben Bradley

A stunning marbled effect on hair... it’s breathtaking and inspirational. Do you want to know how Ben Bradley created this look? He’s shared his technique below!


Hair: Ben Bradley: Director of Trevor Sorbie, UK

Photography: Tom Connell

Make Up: Marshayna Suban

Marble: The How-to

Ben Bradley explains that the Marble idea came to him when he was playing around with lots of different art techniques and seeing if he could apply them to hair. The most challenging part of the process is that you can’t recreate the same look twice – each marble effect is unique and if the pattern goes wrong, you have to start again right from the beginning. While working you have to stay completely focused on the technique.

Combine a gel and a colour pigment powder in a bowl and mix until the texture is smooth but thick. Don’t allow it to get too runny, it has to be stiff enough to stay in place on the head.

Mix two contrasting colours in two separate bowls.

Apply the base first, spreading the product evenly across the whole head.

Then layer your contrasting colours on top of the initial colour.

Once you have applied them, take a thin sculpting knife and gently move it around the head and through the colours, softly blending them together to create a marbling effect.

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