Business Tips for Hair & Beauty Entrepreneurs: Part 1

The famous international business publication, Forbes, asked leading entrepreneurs to give their tips for success. These are applicable to all industries but especially hair and beauty. Here are the first two tips – more to follow!

Tip 1: Research and understand your market

You need to take the time to do proper research into your market and really understand your clients’ needs. Their needs might not be what you would like them to be... but you need to fully understand them in order to offer the right solutions in your business. If your salon can offer exactly what your clients want, you will be busier and your business will grow.

Tip 2: Put in the Hard Work

Starting a business (and running it) is much, much harder than being an employee. If you are a successful business owner you have to wear many hats and be on top of your salon’s sales, staff issues, finance, marketing... And on top of that, you need to have creativity, determination, a desire for ongoing learning, and to be persistent – and having said all of the above, you might be working full time on clients as well. It’s important to keep your focus and energy on everything that needs to be done, entrepreneurs can’t afford to have an “off day” or have the mentality of an employee – business owners have to think, and act, differently.

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