Interview with La Maud

By Lerato Monageng

I had the pleasure of meeting the famous La Maud, owner of Hair by La Maud and Beauty Spa in Welkom, in the Free State Province. Mrs Maud Manqana, affectionately known as La Maud is a qualified hairdresser and a member of the Technical Working Group (TWG) for Hairdressing at the Service Seta.

LERATO: On the 21st of January, you attended the Services Seta Stakeholder Meeting.

MAUD: I am a member of the TWG for hairdressing at the Services Seta tasked with the responsibility to create an inclusive curriculum that would qualify a professional hairdresser working in either the Caucasian and or Afro market.

Before there used to be a qualification for Afro, Caucasian, Ladies and Gents Cuts. But now we are doing away with that to introduce the newly developed Trade Test and Artisan Recognition of Prior Learning (ARPL) for the Hairdressing Occupational Qualification (SAQA) through the Services Seta in partnership with National Artisan Moderation Body (NAMB).

The Services Seta has acknowledged that a hairdressing qualification comes at a heavy cost and therefore they have made available the Discretionary Grants to facilitate and fund the Trade Test qualification program for hairdressers and beauticians.

LERATO: How do you want to see the Hairdressing Industry in the future?

MAUD: I would like to see each and every hairdresser fully competent to provide a proper quality service for the right price. Using whatever hair care product, hairdressers should be competent in following the right proper processes from Shampoo – Treatment – Chemical Application – Colouring – Hairstyling – Cutting.

LERATO: I see you are very passionate about education and skills development.

MAUD: I am happy that the Services Seta through the Artisan Recognition of Prior Learning (ARPL) is allowing experienced hairdressers to become qualified artisan by participating in a Trade Test screening and evaluation process before qualifying for a Trade Test.

LERATO: What is a Trade Test?

MAUD: Trade Test is a final integrated summative assessment for an artisan qualification for a listed trade that is conducted at an accredited Trade Test Centre by an assessor registered with National Artisan Moderation Body (NAMB).

LERATO: Are hairdressers required to write an exam?

MAUD: Yes hairdressers are required to write an exam as well as do a practical on the day of the test.

LERATO: What does the Trade Test entail?

MAUD: You do hairdressing services where you demonstrate the ability to Shampoo, Condition, Treatment for hair and scalp, Cutting, Colouring, Relaxer application process, Perm application process, Blow out and Hair Straightening and different hairstyles.

LERATO: Does the Trade Test Centre provide the hair products and equipment?

MAUD: No, each hairdresser should bring their own hair care products that they are comfortable and familiar to use in order to get the desired results.

LERATO: Can hairdressers do a Trade Test independently?

MAUD: Hairdressers can only do a Trade Test at an accredited Trade Test Centre.

For more information, contact Maud Manqana on 064 018 2688

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