Industry Information: The Bargaining Council’s Role

This video explains the important role of the Bargaining Council in the hairdressing and cosmetology industry. If you prefer to read the text we have included a summary of the video below.

Hello, Ndaa, Dumelang, Dumela, Avuxeni, Sawubona, Lotjhani, Sanibona, Mdweni.

I would like to thank Ethnique Hairnews for the opportunity to speak directly to the ethnic industry.

I am Stephen Delport, CEO of the National Bargaining Council for Hairdressing and Cosmetology.

As this is the first video I am starting at the beginning to explain the Council’s role.

It is very important in the industry, for employers and employees to have their voice heard.

So how do you do this?

The Bargaining Council provides you with a voice, so you can help decide what will be best for your industry.

In simple terms, you have an organisation for employers – the EOHCB, and for employees – UASA the Trade Union.

Between those two parties all conditions of employment are negotiated, that suits the interests of the industry. When this agreement is reached, it is the Bargaining Council’s job to enforce it.

How can you have your voice heard?

You become a member as an employer through the EOHCB, or as an employee through the Trade Union UASA. You can then provide mandates to these organisations of what it is you want, participate in their internal structures, and play an active role.

In addition to enforcing the agreement there are many other benefits which the Council offers, so it pays to belong to the Bargaining Council and to be registered.

In our next video I will explain the benefits of belonging to the sick pay fund, sick benefit fund, and pension fund.

Thank you, and goodbye for now!

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