Keep Clients Coming Back: Phoning Campaign

Are there some clients you haven’t seen in a few months? Every salon has those who, for various reasons, stop visiting the salon. Picking up the phone to give them a courtesy call and ask if they are happy with the salon and would like to rebook, can be a very effective way of bringing them back to you – and also finding out why they “paused” their visits!

You can search your client records to identify ten or twenty clients who used to spend good money with you – and then give them that all-important phone call. Be sure to have a proper script ready as you want to sound concerned, interested and professional, and be ready to write down any comments they have – as well as being ready to book their next appointment if they want to come back. This will give you valuable feedback as well as, hopefully, regaining clients who might have strayed!

(This is why it is essential to keep client records in a safe place – either on a computer software programme, or paper records in a locked box. Client info is gold as it allows you to communicate and follow up with your salon customers!)

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