Do you have New Year’s Goals?

A new year is a great time to analyse your business and decide on the direction you want to move in, make plans for growth, and look at setting goals to help you along the way. Goals can be small as well as large – the smaller goals can help you work towards the bigger one. Whether you are a hair salon owner, beauty salon owner, stylist or therapist, goals are important. Here are some ideas for goal setting that can help you guide your business into the new year.

Education: Education is the lifeblood of the industry and will help you to give your clients the very best they can receive. Line up some education for you to attend this year, whether it is something new or a refresher course. There’s no such thing as a course where you don’t learn anything!

Signage and Marketing: Take a look at your salon’s signage and then put together a plan to improve it. Your salon’s signage and branding might need attention, social media may have taken a back seat over the busy season – if so bring it up to date and keep posting regularly! Make sure you have a good and consistent presence, both physically and on the internet.

Financial: Are you able to make a good profit from your salon that can provide a sustainable income? If not, why? Perhaps you are still paying off debt, perhaps you need to relook at your expenses, or you might find that a price increase is in order. If you increase prices remember that you must ensure your service and environment justifies a price increase.

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