Professional Rewards: Tips for High Earnings as a Hairstylist

Originally from Vietnam, Christine Le now works at a hair salon in Houston, Texas, USA. Here, she makes more than $600,000 a year! That’s the equivalent of over R8-million per year. It includes her hairdressing services as well as her retail product sales.

So how can you take a leaf from Christine’s book and increase your takings to earn better and live better?

Christine Le says the main reason for her success is that she provides clients with SOLUTIONS to their hair needs.

She is highly qualified in every service that the salon offers, and knows how to do a thorough consultation to find out what her clients want.

She makes the most of every opportunity for education – from attending courses to networking with other hairdressers. Even so, she says it took about 10 years for her to establish herself well enough to start making serious money.

Christine always looks professional and makes sure she is well dressed and perfectly groomed. She is always 100 percent professional in the salon, and in her interactions with clients. She is always on time and runs her clients punctually.

Christine looks to provide solutions to her clients’ hair problems and also to build relationships with them. She says being hungry for success is essential to succeeding – you have to be highly motivated, but also have to take care of yourself in body and mind so you are healthy and happy in your work.

Christine tries to surround herself with successful people, and she makes sure that her clients know how to finish off their look at home, so they remain happy with their hairstyle for weeks afterwards. This means having the right retail products available to recommend and sell.

Finally, as a director of the salon, Christine charges higher prices and this allows her to make her money. Even if you are catering for a price-sensitive clientele it is important to ensure that the prices you charge, allow you to earn enough to live comfortably. There is no point in working for 12 hours a day just to break even. Putting prices up might lose you a few clients, but if you are able to offer better service and great value, those clients will be replaced by others down the line.

Here’s the original article, published in Modern Salon.

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