Are you a Social Media Savvy Salon?

Social media is a fantastic tool to help you promote your business and (to an extent) it is free, although if you run promotions you can start to reach a wider audience. However, every salon should have a Facebook and Instagram page so that if clients hear about you, they can find out where you are and also see examples of your work.

Social media is hard work and once you set up a page you need to update it regularly. Decide how often you want to update your page – once a day, twice a week, weekly – and once you have decided stick to the timing, as it will create a consistent feel.

Make sure you post photos that look professional – think about the background, the lighting, make sure that if your salon can be seen in the background it looks neat and tidy. You can post photos of anything from beautiful hairstyles, to photos of your salon’s interior, pictures of your team either in the salon or attending hairdressing events, and also of the products you stock.

Remember that clients may not want their faces on your social media so it is often better to take a photo of the back of the head so that people can see the style, but clients still keep their privacy.

Make sure your opening hours, contact details and other info are all correct and updated, and visible to clients who come looking for your page.

It is a good idea to publish the services you offer and the products you use. Some salons prefer not to publish their price list online – if you do make sure it is kept up to date so that clients don’t see one price online and then find a higher price when they visit you.

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