Disciplinary Measures Within a Salon

Info provided by Willie Pietersen, Past President: EOHCB (Employers Organisation for Hairdressing, Cosmetology and Beauty)

In any beauty spa or salon, employers and employees struggle with disciplinary procedures. Employers can find themselves in trouble because they haven’t followed the correct procedures when trying to discipline their staff member.

A key point is the importance of paperwork. If it is necessary to dismiss an employee down the line, you must have followed all the correct steps and have the paperwork in order.

Minor Offences: First Written Warning plus Counselling Session

The first step is counselling sessions to nip minor offences in the bud, allow people to explain their side, and try to find a solution. This should be held in a neutral environment and it will be very helpful to have the EOHCB and UASA (Hairdressing Union) involved to ensure everything is done correctly.

If you do it without the above representative bodies, then the minutes of the meeting should be recorded in writing and signed by employer and employee. These minutes should clearly state what each person said, and the resolutions agreed upon.

If there is still a problem and the behaviour – such as poor performance, lateness, absenteeism, or not complying with your rules, continues after counselling, the next step is a verbal warning (which you keep a record of) and a written warning. These should inform the employee of the offence committed, when and how it happened, and that it will not be repeated.

No matter how serious the offence committed by the employee, an employer may never dismiss an employee on the spot. Disciplinary hearings must be held to allow both parties the opportunity to state their case. At the end of the day, this is a service industry which means people come to your stores to be pampered and clients will leave if there is tension at the store. The disciplinary process is in place to ensure fairness for everyone and a happy and productive working environment.

The EOHCB can assist employers to follow the disciplinary process correctly if needed.

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