Nail Art Trends

Calling all nail technicians – here are some dazzlingly delightful nail trends to brighten up the holiday season, including some great ideas for clients on a budget who love their manicures but need to go a little longer between services!

Coloured Tips

This is a beautiful trend that is also ideal for those clients who need to wait a little longer in between their manicures, as it allows for the nail to grow out. You can create all sorts of designs on the tips only... let your imagination run wild!

Bedazzled Nails

Gorgeous bling can be worn year round, but it’s especially popular over the holiday season and looks great either on coloured nails, or on more natural nails.

Retro 60s Art

A nod to the swinging sixties with these colourful, patterned nails – to get inspiration just research 60s garments, and use the patterns and colours.

Dainty Jewels

These nails are simply perfect – a combination of bling and understated, and we love the translucent tips!

Modern Art

Who’s your favourite modern artist? Use their designs as inspiration when creating your nail art. Done on a clear or natural base, this is another trend that can last a little longer while looking beautiful.

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