Styles: Mystique Cosmo by Masci Hair Team, Australia

Our initial theme was “Space cowboy” because it’s something all four of us have been a huge fan of for a while now. When we sat down to discuss what we loved about it there was so many entry points such as lil nas x and his unforgettable bright pink cowboy look from the 2020 Grammy’s.

Since then, we have been following @theyeehawagenda on Instagram, which is showcasing all cowboy themed looks and shoots for a generation of people to feel comfortable to express themselves more uniquely by displaying a wide variety of bright colours, sequins, glitter, leather and so much more.

It was this that boosted our passion to re-create this trend in our shoot while also adding something different, so we decided to add in the rock n roll vibe. This helped give an overall grungy feel to the space cowboy look.

In the end our collection was all brought together by the 3 elements of space - bright hair colours inspired by so many creative and bold individuals, while we have also intentionally thought about the silhouette of shapes used in some hairstyles to reflect space helmets and even planet rings. Cowboy was utilised by the styling using leather and sequins. And finally, rock n roll which was represented by the grungy lighting and “off” coloured backdrop.

Masci Hair Team Collection

Hairdressers: Ying-Sun Li, Jessica Quinlan, Sam Battenally, Ellen Knight Colourist: Ying-Sun Li, Jessica Quinlan, Sam Battenally, Ellen Knight Photographer: Andrew O’Toole

Make Up Artist: Kylie O’Toole

Stylist: Leroy Lorenzo

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