Styles: Effervescence by Terrina Brown, Australia

Effervescence Collection –Terrina Brown, Zedz, Perth, Western Australia Is a tiny formation of gas bubble caused by a chemical reaction? From time to time, we can feel like this in our heads as we deal with everyday situations, so it seemed fitting to create a collection to emulate Effervescence with the use of bubbles. I wanted to create that our heads are being kept above water as water signifies peace and relaxation with a very grounding effect. The hair is graceful and delicate, yet has shape and movement It is playful, light and almost mermaid like in quality.

Hairstylist: Terrina Brown

Colourist (optional): Terrina Brown

Salon: Zedz, Perth, Western Australia Facebook @zedz_hair Instagram @hairbyterrina_zedz_hair

Photographer – Chris Huzzard @chrishuzzardstudio

Make Up Artist – Ady Orupe @arousal_design

Stylist – Kerri Barrie @recycle_sister

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