New Look for Salon Product Online: The e-commerce site for your salon

We are thrilled to announce the fabulous, new-look site for Salon Product Online is now live!

This is the e-commerce site for the industry! It’s now faster, more beautiful, easier to use, and more flexible and versatile for all users.

Why Should You Become a Member For R99/Month?

At Salon Product Online, we believe every salon needs to have an e-commerce facility at their fingertips. Starting up your own e-commerce site is extremely costly and time consuming. But for just R99/month you can be a member salon with your own link and your own name at checkout, as well as your own personalised specials and marketing!

Having your own online site helps you when you are short of stock, or when a client wants a brand you don’t stock, or if a client shops online at a different time from when she has her hair done. It also allows you to share your link and market yourself as an online store.

What’s the Commission?

You get 20% commission on every sale made through your link, paid at month end, and also receive a report on all the sales done through your link or who have nominated your salon at checkout. This allows you to see who bought what so that you can identify new retail opportunities that might work within your salon!

How does Salon Product handle discounts?

We stick to the recommended retail prices on the site. We periodically create personalised discount coupons for our subscriber salons, that you can use to market to your clients. This allows each salon to offer their clients something special and salon-specific from time to time, which means YOUR salon brand is perceived as great value and clients will choose to shop through your link!

Are you keen to see how gorgeous the new site is? Take a look here:

Are you keen to sign up as a subscriber salon and get your own e-commerce link and personalised, caring service for just R99 a month?

Email or Whatsapp 082 891 8537 and we will send you the subscriber link to sign up as well as any additional info you require!

Alternatively click here to sign up directly:

Salon Product Online is the online store for Pavilion Creative Salon, located in Kyalami. This fully equipped salon is mostly booked but is available on a Tuesday and Wednesday as a safe, calm space where a stylist can care for high-risk clients in a gorgeous country setting. Contact 071 027 2225 to book space.

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