KMS Conscious Style Introduces New Cleansing Mist

KMS Conscious Style has launched a fabulous new weightless and refreshing Cleansing Mist to fit your clients’ busy, on the go schedules! This eco-friendly hair mist powercleanses between washes and hydrates, making it a must-have retail add-on for your clients!

Designed to be used in between washes or post-workout, this convenient non-aerosol spray is a power cleanse that neutralizes odors, absorbs oils and removes product residues and pollutants from the hair and scalp without leaving residues. The cleansing power is courtesy of a natural clay that gently purifies the hair by absorbing and separating pollutants and oils. Ideal for medium to fine hair and safe for color-treated strands, it also provides weightless hydration.

So easy to use!

Shake and spray hair

wait 30 seconds

finger-comb through hair to activate the cleansing power

towel or blow hair dry

and style!

Only natural-origin, ECO-certified extracts are used

The CONSCIOUS STYLE Cleansing Mist uses sustainably sourced, efficacious ECOCERT-certified extracts of natural origin, including:

• Moringa Seed Oil, which is known as the miracle tree and the most nutritious plant on earth. This rich smoothing oil is replete with natural antioxidants to support optimal hydration while protecting the hair and scalp from environmental pollutants.

• Oat Oil, known for its gentle and soothing properties, helps maintain the scalp’s natural balance by replacing lipids lost everyday. The natural extract infused with vitamins hydrates the scalp, locking moisture into hair and restoring natural luster and elasticity.

As part of the KMS CONSCIOUS STYLE range, the Cleansing Mist is representative of the line’s commitment to sustainability - using less to achieve more.

Free from:




mineral oils

dyes/artificial colorants

animal-derived ingredients

KMS’ Unique TRIfinity Technology

The five products in the line - Everyday Shampoo, Everyday Conditioner, Cleansing Mist, Styling Putty, and Multi-Benefit Spray - incorporate KMS’s unique TRIfinity Technology, which was developed to complement START. STYLE. FINISH. in every style you create.

Do you love the sound of this easy to use, versatile product?

Contact KMS for more info and a sales consultant will introduce this product and the range to you!

Call 011 312 5070 to set up an appointment.

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