EOHCB: Is Your Business Winterproof?

Winter is here and we need to make sure that we are ready to offer our clients a winter experience that will keep them coming back.

Steps to make sure you are ready:

Make sure your aircon is serviced and ready for warmer temperatures indoors.

Stock up on coffee and tea and add in hot chocolate for the sweet tooth client.

Running a winter special would be advisable to get client’s out of their homes, and into your business.

Change your interior décor to compliment a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Make sure your staff are aware of the latest winter fashion and trending colours and ensure to brush up on their knowledge and selling skills to manage the dehydration of hair, skin, and nails during the winter season.

Seeing that the flu season is unfortunately linked to winter, a good sanitiser and regular deep clean will be advisable to keep your staff and clients healthy.

Educate your staff on the benefits of vitamins and minerals for a healthier lifestyle.

Members in geographical areas with rainfall during winter, make sure accessibility to your business is easy and fast as you would not want your clients to spend too much time out in the rain. Maybe consider getting a few branded umbrellas to walk your clients in and out of the rain.

Prevent slip and fall accidents by placing nonslip matts at the door.

Check your hot water before the start of each day.

Make sure that your staff are aware of the rules of the industry Sick Pay Fund and the claim process.

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