Bargaining Council Updated Wage Schedule Links – Minimum Wage Increase Effective March 1, 2022

With effect from 1 March 2022, the Minimum Wage increased from R21.69 per hour to R23.19 per hour.

Updated Area Links Available:

In the February Chronicle, we reported that the changes had been made to Annexure H and provided links to the revised wage schedules on the Council’s website.

We encountered a few glitches and have reloaded some of the Annexures. We suggest you reprint or download the schedules - the links are provided below.

Please note that the two-year phasing in of the Pension Fund Contributions and Council Levies for the “new areas” that formed part of the Council’s Extension of Scope, was completed at the end of 2021. With effect from 1 January 2022, the contributions and levies were based on the normal rate (100%).


You can access the documents on our website: or click on the links below each Division.

DIVISION 101 - Gauteng, excluding Alberton, Pretoria, Wonderboom, Bronkhorspruit (Kungwini) and Cullinan

Div-101-NMW-2022-wef-1-03-22.pdf (

DIVISION 102 - Eastern Cape Province (Excluding Port Elizabeth, Uitenhage and Humansdorp)

Div-102-NMW-2022-wef-1-03-22.pdf (

DIVISION 103 - Kimberley and all other Magisterial Districts Of The Northern Cape

DIV-103-NMW-2022-wef-1-03-22.pdf (

DIVISION 104 - Port Elizabeth, Uitenhage and Humansdorp

Div-104-NMW-2022-wef-1-03-22.pdf (

DIVISION 105 - Alberton

Div-105-NMW-2022-wef-1-03-22.pdf (

DIVISION 106 – Cape Town, Wynberg, Simonstad and Belville

Div-106-NMW-2022-1-03-22.pdf (

DIVISION 106 (NEW SCOPE) - The Entire Western Cape (excluding Cape Town, Wynberg, Simonstad and Belville)

Div-106-new-Scope-NMW-2022-wef-1-03-22-2.pdf (

DIVISION 107 - Province of The Free State.

Div-107-NMW2022-wef-1-March-2022.pdf (

DIVISION 108 - North-West Province ( Excluding Rustenburg, Brits And Mankwe)

Div-108-NMW-2022-wef-1-03-22-2.pdf (

DIVISION 109 - The Entire Kwa-Zulu Natal Province

Div-109-NMW-2022-wef-1-03-22-updated.pdf (

DIVISION 112 - Pretoria, Wonderboom - Working 40 Hours Hairdressing, 45 Hours Beauty and 25 Hours Part Time

Div-112-NMW-2022-wef-1-03-22.pdf (

DIVISION 113 - Pretoria, Wonderboom - Working 45 Hours and Part Time 25 Hours - All Categories

Div-113-NMW-2022-wef-1-03-22.pdf (

DIVISION 114 - Bronkhorstspruit and Cullinan

Div-114-NMW-2022-wef-1-03-2022.pdf (

DIVISION 115 - Rustenburg, Brits, Mankwe (Hartbeespoort)- Working 45 Hours

Div-115-NMW-2022-wef-1-03-22-updated-15-03-22.pdf (

DIVISION 116 - The Entire Limpopo Province - Working 45 Hours

Div-116-NMW-2022-wef-1-03-22.pdf (

DIVISION 117 - Mpumalanga Province - Working 45 Hours

Div-117-NMW-2022-wef-1-03-22.pdf (

Please consult the Council’s WEBSITE for the contact details of Agents in your area.

For more information, contact:

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