Bargaining Council: Info on Registration of Establishment and Staff

All Establishments need to be registered with the Council, and all staff needs to be registered with the Council after 1 month of Employment.

Please send an e-mail to to receive the below documents for completion:

Annexure “A” – to be completed for the registration of an establishment or legal owner.

Annexure “B” – to be completed for each person employed by an establishment.

Sick Pay Fund Application – This will provides employees with paid sick leave of 33 short leave days and 33 long leave days plus a maternity benefit of 30% of your minimum wage for 4 months without any additional costs to the employer over and above the monthly contribution.

Pension Fund Application – This provides employees with a pension fund for retirement or a death or dread disease benefit.

Pension Fund Beneficiary nomination

UASA Application

EOHCB Application

Documentation for the registration of an establishment, employer, legal owner, or employee together with documents for the Sick Pay Fund, Pension Fund and membership to the parties can be obtained from the Council or from our website.

Exemption Application from Pension Fund

If you do not wish to belong to the industry Pension Fund, then according to Clause 18 of the Collective Agreement you need to apply for exemption from the funds showing you have alternatives in place.

1. Pension Fund Exemptions you will need to complete with the help of your broker filling in the portion showing the differences in the funds especially the benefits.

2. All Staff members need to complete the last form stating that they want exemption from the Council Pension fund as they have another with the company in place.

3. There is NO Blanket exemption for Pension or any fund as you need to apply yearly for it as stated in Clause 18.

Send all exemptions to


Each employee has a short sick leave entitlement of 33 days over a 3-year period and a long sick leave entitlement also of 33 days over a 3-year period as per clause 5.4 of the Sick Pay Fund Rules.

For a Covid-19 claim, the days available for the claim to succeed will be determined by looking at both the balances left on the employee’s total leave entitlement

For more information please contact your local agent who will gladly assist.

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